"The Hunter on Endless Hunt"

Hello, my dahlings. You possibly know it's not a safe place? Beware of wild animals stalking their prey.
Joking of course, the only animal connected with this site is my cat, who sometimes type with his paws the things that I dare not to articulate...
This is the personal website of MAL, a metalhead boy who loves everything unusual, magical and strange.
If you want to know what websites I currently run, or what kind of project I work on, this is the best place to keep in touch.
Also, I host here my art and stories.


28th Juanury 2020 I added part of my own art, that I made between 2019-2020 :) I will add more next days, as well as my poems.

11th Juanury 2020 I am slowly adding art that people made for me :> When I finish, I will move to add my own art. I also added guestbook :)

5th Juanuary 2020 I created this website, to have a place when I can drop my fascinations. New year, new life, I guess. Bare with me, as I put everything right into where it belongs.